Artist Statement

My work is deeply personal. I have learned so much about who I am through the making of my art. Typically, I’m not aware of this until I complete a body of work. Everything that I felt, experienced, read or saw during those months is reflected abstractly in the work.

Printmaking has become my primary medium. By generating multiple matrixes that are made individually, over time, I can layer meaning over meaning – color over color. Every aspect of the process feels natural to me. Combining control and allowing purposeful accidents to happen makes the process exciting.

The layered color, form and imagery often reflect my interest in nature and architecture. Although I live in the Southwest, I maintain a garden and landscaping on our property. Each day the yard and garden reward me with inspiration. My methodical, creative process requires patience.  A day in the studio gradually brings a piece one step closer to its completion. It feels at once like both a growing and building process.